How soon will you approve my website?

Every website is checked manually. Our team works 24/7 but please, be patient. Site verification time will depend of the number of requests on queue.

The verification process ensures that eligible website content is in accordance with our terms and conditions. This process is meticulous with the purpose of protect our advertisers.

Make sure you have enough content and high quality traffic. Our advertisers are looking for both volumes and quality traffic.

If your site is under maintenance or construction, please do not submit it yet. These are rejected. The lack of traffic won’t reach our advertisers needs. Submitted it once is accessible and in full performance.

Once a site is approved, an account manager is assigned automatically to assist you in the creation of the first adzones. The account manager will take care of your account to maximize the performance of the inserted ads.

TIP: If you want to add more then one site, we recommend you to firstly connect with your account manager, to guide you and assist you on getting your sites approved.

Use of our ad zone codes

Go to the “Analytics” tab on your Publisher Admin Panel, thanks to some specific filters specially created, you will be able to see precise data related to the performance by ad-zone on your site.

To keep this data accurate you should keep your ad-zones unique and only use the coding to the site you have submitted to our network.

Checks we recommend you to do to ensure ads run regularly on your site:

  • 1. Make sure that you copied and pasted the HTML tag properly and that it is placed in the source code of the page.
  • 2. Double-check that the banner size is correct and fits in your page.
  • 3. Check the ad zone after an hour to see if ads have returned
  • 4. In case there are no changes, please contact your Account Manager.

How are earnings calculated?

The acronym eCPM means ‘effective cost per mille’. It is use to measure how well your ads are performing, no matter which pricing model is used by the advertiser (CPM, CPC, etc.). You will get all pricing models campaigns, indeed. Thus, eCPM will help you with the calculation of the expected revenue based on the traffic volumes you are bringing.

To calculate publisher earnings the formula is:

(Impressions /1.000) x eCPM

Earnings that would be generated by each campaign if the number of impressions is 100.000 and at different eCPM rates

Example A. 100.000 / 1.000 x 0.45 = $45
Example B. 100.000 / 1.000 x 2 = $200

How can I increase my earnings?

We ensure that you are getting the best possible results and profit in terms of the site traffic you are providing us. However, we recommend you to follow these tips that could help you increase your earnings.

  • 1. Type of ad-zone and where it should be placed The best performing ad-zones are those that have the greatest visibility to your viewers.
  • 2. Mobile traffic If your site is optimized for mobile devices use the specific mobile ad formats that your account manager will provide you.
  • 3. Site quality To generate higher visits and earnings, it is important to have just the right volume of advertising within a large amount of quality content. Sites with too much advertising or low content won’t be able to generate great earnings.
  • 4. SEO Work on the quality because the more quality traffic you have, the more earnings you will be able to generate.

Which are the Payment terms?

Net 30, Net 15, Net 7, bi-weekly and even weekly payments.

Contact your Account Manager for further details.

Which are the Payment Methods?

You can request payments via PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Wire, ePayments and Skrill.

Paypal, Payoneer, skrill, e-payments: minimum earnings are 100 EUR/USD.

Wire transfer minimum earnings are 500 EUR/USD.

How to get my first and consecutive payments?

New publishers that reach a minimum payment must send a request to their personal account manager to activate the first payment.

After this action, payments will be automatically pay every month according to your payment terms.

Note that to receive payments the publisher must keep the ad zones active.


Prepare to Advertise on ADS.CAFE

Follow the steps below to create a new account:

  • 1. Sign up to create your account by simply clicking here. Go ahead and pick your username and fill out all the mandatory fields. The process is quick and free of charge. TIP: Keeping your account protected is important! Make sure that you chose a memorable, but secure password. You have the opportunity to change it afterwards.
  • 2. Confirm your email through the verification link sent to the email address you used to create the account. Your account will be reviewed and approved within 24 hours. By using our services, you are agreeing to these Terms And Conditions.
  • 3. Login to the Advertiser Admin Panel and select the “Wallet” tab to make a deposit in your account. Please make sure that all prepayments are sent to the correct bank account - any costs relating to the receipt of the wrong currency into the wrong bank account will be passed on in full. We will absorb our own bank charges and ask you to do the same. In any event, we will only credit your account with the amount actually received.
  • 4. Once your account is created and funded, go to “Create Campaign” or “Marketplace” tab at the top right of the page to create your campaign.

Can I join ADS.CAFE as an individual?

Sure you can!

Just make sure you add your ID card number or Passport number in the field “Company TAX number/Tax ID”.

Note: If you are a Spanish resident a sign up certificate from “Censo de obligados tributarios” is mandatory.

How can I connect with an account manager?

Account Managers are assigned automatically upon registration and as long as you meet these rules:

  • Always follow ADS.CAFE Terms and conditions and guidelines.
  • Keep your account active with ADS.CAFE for at least 3 consecutive months
  • Regular high funding of the account (At least 5k+ per month)

Do you meet these conditions? Please contact our Customer Service team at support [at] ads.cafe

Can I use iframes / HTML / JS TAGS?

Note that the use of iframes / HTML / JS TAGS is limited to a hand-picked and extremely valued group of Advertisers.

Make sure you meet the qualifying conditions, below are some of them/the most important ones:

  • Always follow ADS.CAFE Terms and conditions and guidelines.
  • Keep your account active with ADS.CAFE for at least 6 consecutive months
  • Regular high funding of the account (At least 10k+ per month)

Do you meet these principles? Please contact us at support [at] ads.cafe to analyze this opportunity in depth.

How much does it cost to advertise on ADS.CAFE?

It’s all about the CPM bid.

Once the campaign has been created and the general setting and targeting preferences have been selected just the way you like (these are: campaign banner size, countries, channels and websites/RON), go to the “Budget” tab and click on “Check Minimum Bid”. You will be able to see the current “minimum prices”, those are the lowest rates available following your criteria.

Please, be advised that our pricing system is based on real time bidding. Thus, the prices change continuously.

My campaign was rejected, why?

When checking your Campaigns in your Advertiser Admin Panel, you will see their status and comments related to it when rejected.

Campaigns are reviewed constantly by the Customer Services team, which means that a campaign can be rejected even if it was already running (active).

If a campaign is modified after its approval and do not follow ADS.CAFE Terms and conditions and guidelines, your account could be closed and the remaining advertising budget may not be refunded.

If the reasoning for the rejection is still not clear, feel free to contact our Customer Services Department at support [at] ads.cafe and please remember to include your full account details and campaign ID(s).

What if I need an invoice?

No problem! The invoices are automatically created.

To open or download an invoice, go to the “Wallet” tab in the Administration Panel and then click on the Action “Invoice”.

TIP: On the “Dashboard” you can see an entire overview of the current status of your account in numbers in the box “Wallet” at anytime.


You must comply with the EU Payments Regulation rules, VAT applies as follows:

Spain: 21% VAT always apply to both individual and companies, with or without valid VAT number.

EU countries, individual or companies that provide a valid VAT number are exempt of any VAT.

If you are not able to provide a valid VAT number you are subject to 21% VAT.

Before sending funds contact Customer Services to verify it)

Outside EU Countries: companies or individuals are exempt of any VAT.

TIP: To verify the validity of your VAT, check it through the VIES system.

What is the minimum funding permitted?

200 USD.

A lower budget does not allow us to measure the performance of the campaign.

Data as impressions CTR, etc. is essential in order to take the correct decisions to make the most benefit out of the campaigns.

Available payments methods:

We work on exclusively on a pre-payments basis.

For such payments the available methods are:

Wire transfer start at 500 USD.
PayPal start at 200 USD.
Credit Card Processed by PayPal start at 200 EUR/USD (subject to spending restrictions)

To find our Bank Information go to “Wallet” and at the “Make a deposit” section select “Wire transfer”.

PayPal Limits

PayPal payments are limited to 1.500 USD/EUR in a period of 30 days.

TIP: To avoid campaign disruptions, we suggest you to use a Wire transfer, which allows you to send higher amounts, covering a longer cycle of campaign spending.

How soon will you approve my campaigns?

The time for campaigns approval depends of the volume received. At any case, it takes a maximum of 48H.

Please be patient and only contact us about the status of your campaign when:

You have been personally asked to provide further details by ADS.CAFE Customer Services.

Campaign(s) have been declined and you want to resubmit them.

Is there a list of sites?

When logged, you will able to see a list of our sources of traffic and relevant info, such as available spots by Site and Placement Size/Type, in our Marketplace.

This list has information about our Premium sites, those are the most frequently visited and high quality traffic sources on our network.

The remaining sites in our network are made up of thousands of active websites.

Note that you can see a complete list of sites once you are running campaigns.

My campaign is not getting traffic, why?

Different motives could be involved, below common ones:

  • Balance, when there are not funds, campaigns are automatically stopped.
  • Bid price, if the campaign has a low bid and reaches the out-bid limit, it will receive little or non-traffic.

    TIP: top countries and popular adspots require a super competitive bid.

    These are used by many publishers and targeted by advertisers continuously, making complicated to get traffic is the bid is not competitive.
  • Banner, make sure that the size is the same as the chosen format when creating the campaign.
  • Sold out.
  • Selection of the targeting options is not logical/correct.

Campaign targeting

The targeting options available are:

  • Countries
  • Channels
  • Websites: RON or by specific site from our Marketplace
  • Advanced targeting, allow you to include or exclude: browser, operating system, time range, Mobile carrier, Wi-Fi and device format.

In case of an unreasonable selection of the targeting options, the campaign will be rejected.

TIP: if you are not sure on how to do it please contact us at support [at] ads.cafe

Mobile Traffic?

Of course!

When creating new campaign, go to “advanced targeting” to allow the mobile traffic to your campaigns.

You can include or exclude the following options:

  • Operating System: Android, iOS, etc.
  • Time range
  • Mobile Carrier
  • Wi-Fi Traffic
  • Device format: desktop, tablet, smart TV, etc.

When creating a campaign, once in targeting, you can select “RON” traffic or go to our Marketplace to check the Premium Mobile adspots that are available. It is also identified at the adspots by “mob”.

How are the ads rotated?

It depends of your bid CPM.

Traffic rotates through all banners. Note that if the bid price is not as high as required, your campaign may not be active in the rotation permanently, coming and going.

How to check a campaign performance?

Go to “Stats” in your Advertiser Admin Panel.

You can view a certain offer and a period of time.

Please note that this detailed information is only provided for campaigns that are receiving traffic. You will be able to see statics for budget, impressions – clicks, banner and campaign CTR for your reference.

How to use Frequency Cap

When creating the campaign, go to “Budget” to enable or disable the frequency cap.

The Frequency Cap on CPM campaigns is the number of times a unique visitor sees your ad.

You can set this frequency cap from 1 to unlimited impressions every 1 to unlimited hours/days/weeks/month/year.

TIP: frequency caps are set by campaign and not by adspots. Be aware and do not set a high frequency cap, you may spend your daily budget or even exceed it.

Time-zone of our statistics

Our Statistics run on GMT-0.

Please keep it in mind when reviewing your stats.

Conversion Tracking

In order to track conversions, we have three different kind of Pixels available: JS Pixel, Pixel Tracking URLs and Server 2 server Pixel.

- Server 2 server

The server 2 server pixel tracking url is always the same, and does not vary for every campaign you create:

Add Sub ID url parameter with value $$SUB_ID(ads.cafe_813)$$ to your landing page.

Assuming $$SUB_ID(ads.cafe_813)$$ variable holds the value of actionID from your landing page.

Action Track URL


Please replace $$SUB_ID(ads.cafe_813)$$ with the value of landing url parameter (actionID= in above example) and request action tracking url when action occurs.

- JS Pixel

This kind of pixel will be different for each campaign, you will have access to the pixel code once your campaign is created in campaign manager.

- Pixel Tracking URLs

Our pixel tracking urls, can be used as image pixels or iframe pixels.

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